Tomorrow, I “officially” begin my marathon training. Having only run a few miles a couple times a week over the past few months (with a few weeks of doing almost nothing over the holidays), I’ll slowly be building up my mileage. I’m basing my training off of I’ll run about 4x a week (sometimes 5x), with some cross training and weight lifting built in. I’ll get at least one day of complete rest every week, sometimes more. I just bought new shoes: Brooks Beasts. They sound cool, but they’re really special extra support, motion control shoes. I do a bit of over pronation and (in case you haven’t noticed) don’t really have a runner’s build (even when I’m in shape). These babies cost me $130–thankfully I got a gift card to REI from my parents for Christmas, so they weren’t quite as bad. But $130? That is the most I’ve ever spent on footwear. Ever. Even after years of basketball, hiking, and dressing up, I have never spent that much. But…Kirsten reminded me that it’ll be worth it if I run on them several times a week (and avoid injury).

As mentioned yesterday, I’ll be running Grandma’s Marathon on June 19, 2009 in Duluth, MN. Registration opens January 14th–and it’s first come, first serve. I’ll be signing up with the Youth Director from the church I attend/coach/study, and a few other parishioners. We better not get turned down.

Well…I better finish up this post, since sleep will be a big part of training. Frankly, I love having a goal to work toward. I won’t be keeping track of my times, only miles. As much as my goal is to finish the race–I want to enjoy the journey. It won’t be easy, but I welcome the challenge…and look forward to the adventure. Wish me luck!